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Leaderly Life: The Salon Manager's Leadership Guide


Leaderly Life tackles the problem that many managers face: Burnout!


It's a real problem that not only effects performance, it leaks into the team and reduces the performace of nearly everyone in the managers wake. 


By learning leadership characteristics such as:

  • Communication
  • Empathy building
  • The Platinum Pause
  • Leadership Styles
  • And more...

Managers are better equipt to handle the day-to-day stresses of being a manager and growing their team to higher levels of success. 


Since the manager of the building is responsible for wearing multiple hats, Leaderly Life provides valuable learning that can support any manager in any industry.


While this book was created for Salon Managers, the leadership fundamentals that it contains are universal. 


Get your guide, today, whether it is for yourself, someone on your team, or one of your peers, and get on the road to happiness and fullfillment in the complex world of management. 


Available Now on Kindle and paperback at Amazon.com

Leaderly Life Reviews

"I really loved this book! I've been a leader and president of an organization for a few years and I found the information in here to be universally applicable in other avenues aside from being a salon manager. I really appreciated the Platinum Pause concepts. It was a chance to reset your mind and is a great tool for visualization and can get you out of "managing" a situation vs "leading" one.


I really loved how Stephanie A. K. kept my interest throughout the book. It's very straight to the point and she reminds us that leadership is like a muscle, so we want to continue to work on it and train it just as if you were in the gym. Also, I liked how it reminded me that while inspiration is cool, it's important to inspire someone to take ACTION.


There was a lot of practical information and think pieces to consider when continuing to develop yourself as a leader, and I really enjoyed the reference to Greg Popovich (I'm a basketball fan so I had a laugh at reading how he would answer interview questions lol). Whether you are a current leader, no longer consider yourself one, or stepping into a role of leadership soon in any market, I definitely recommend you read Leaderly Life because I know I have some practical actions and mindset pieces I'm going to apply to my own life." 


- Amazon Customer


"I Love the Idea that it's Easy to Read & Never lose Interest At All ! It kept me focused!! It Added Lots of Good Tips , Good Knowledge & Practice for My Business As a Salon Manger & Sets a lot of Guidelines I Can used for myself to Run a Successful Business....!I will recommend this Book ?"


- Chris Farrington


"The perfect leadership guide! This book will be your quick reference guide to coaching and developing your team and help your personal leadership growth! I absolutely recommend!"


- Amazon Customer