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About Me

About the Author

Stephanie AK is a published author, content writer & copywriter, and entrepreneur in Central Florida. Having spent two decades in the beauty industry and as a content writer, Stephanie is a leader in the beauty industry and her works include Leaderly Life: The Salon Manager's Leadership Guide. With leadership at her core, Stephanie helps business owners, managers, and organizations grow through the power of Servant Leadership.


As a Business, Beauty, and Leadership content/copywriter, Stephanie provides an array of writing services for her clients including scripts, articles, ghost writing, social media, and advertising copy. Check out her Freelance Writing Portfolio and Freelance Rates.


Whether it's through her Leaderly Life Leadership Course or freelance copywriting, Stephanie walks with passion and authenticity in her life's work of delivering powerful words that create action in people's lives.



Click here for your copy of Leaderly Life: The Salon Manager's Leadership Guide!



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