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The worst virus of them all… BS

We're sitting in our homes during the worst pandemic of our lifetime, and it's changing the world as we know it, and we don't even know everything yet. So far, it has changed how we interact with one another, how we shop, and how we gather (or don't gather). But this virus is not the worst virus that we know. Every day we face a virus that kills our dreams, depletes our energy, and sucks the life out of our souls. It turns a successful person into a couch potato and a potential shining star athlete into a lifeless junkie. It's a virus that turns a person's life into dust in a matter of moments and keeps chains wrapped around people's ankles. What is this virus? you ask. It's a virus called limiting belief systems (BS).

They are the thoughts that tell us we can't follow our dreams because of how other people might react. We can't try an adventure or open a new door of opportunity because we're not educated enough or don't feel confident enough. It's a virus that says, "you'll never make enough money! you're not good enough! you're not smart enough!" And sometimes to no fault of our own, it's a virus that was projected onto us by someone else. It comes from parents, teachers, friends, family, and spouses. It comes out of the mouth of those who we expect to have our best interests at heart. And it's not that these people in our lives don't care, it's just that they too have limiting BS that they then give to us. It's a pattern of dysfunction that can continue and continue like a hamster wheel that's gaining momentum. It continues until one day you realize that it exists. You realize that those thoughts don't serve you.

The good news is, there's a cure for this virus – awareness! Once you become aware of the common limiting beliefs you can begin to explore where they came from and question the source of their existence. Limiting believes are just BS that are only in your mind. Think about the real-life stories of people who have physical disabilities, with no arms, legs, or no limbs at all. And they're able to become incredibly successful people who thrive in the world and achieve greatness. Some people have lived through tremendous adversity, people who have endured extreme suffering, and they manage to work hard to pull themselves out of the mud and grow into beautiful flowers for the world to gaze upon. The only limit we have is the one we create in our minds. And the world is full of graveyards that are rich with dreams that were never lived, lives never enjoyed, and hopes that were crushed by negative BS.

           Think about what BS you have in your mind. Beliefs that hold you back like – life is hardmoney doesn't grow on treeshell is paved with good intentionsgood guys always finish last. These are all common phrases that we say to one another, especially during times of stress, and somehow they are supposed to make us feel better? I think not. These are limiting BS that keeps us from really pushing forward in our lives, from really believing that we have what it takes and that we don't have to go through so much struggle just to accomplish our goals and dreams. Have you ever had an experience where life was just coming together and moving with ease? An experience where you even saw that other people's lives were moving in this way? That's because life doesn't have to be a struggle, and with the right belief systems, you can do what you want to do, without the limiting BS.

           But first things first… what do you want? What are your dreams? When you're on your death bed, what do you want to see when you look back on your life? And then, what are the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from what you want? Write them all down. Write down everything until your hand hurts and you're just angry at all the things you've been telling yourself, or what others tell you or society tells you. After you've written it all down, TEAR THAT UP!!! Those beliefs serve you no purpose. They have no room in your life. Get rid of it in whatever ceremonial way serves you best. And after you've released yourself from the BS, search for positive affirmations, positive messages, and listen to inspirational speakers who move you, inspire you. Be around people who lift your up with their words and energy. And begin to make changes in your life, free from the chains of limiting BS. And use these tools as fuel to help you grow. Nurture the soil of your life every day and consistently. Don't give up on your dreams. And never let the limiting BS take hold of your life ever again.




Let me know what you think of this article and what else you'd like to read about.