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Leadership in the Hair Salon

        The hair salon encompasses a world where visions are created and the powers of beautifying are inexhaustible, at least it is in the eyes of the client. But for those who work tirelessly day in and day out, creating that type of magic involves countless hours of self-educating, self-analysis, researching techniques, product education, and rectifying self-doubt. The hairstylist bears a great deal of responsibility, ensuring every person they serve looks and feels their best. It's a relatively superficial accomplishment that has enormous value on the heads of millions, especially since the beauty market is a multi-billion-dollar industry.


         In this industry, people create beauty budgets for their hair, skin, and makeup addictions and every client that sits in the chair of their hairstylist spills the hot tea of their lives. The hairstylist is the keeper of their secrets, the all-knowing wizard of truth, and a vault of dreams, desires, and passions unsaid. Maybe not every stylist bears so much weight for their clientele's needs, however, their responsibility is still immense. The hairstylists' environment then needs to be a place where they can be themselves and express who they are through their work without judgment; an environment where communication is open and supportive; a workplace that feels safe from criticism and is instead, a workplace with compassion. Because to be fully open and emerged into the great artistry of hair, one has to have the right environment to grow in.


          In turn, behind every great hairstylist is a leader who supports, guides, and develops them daily. They are the bedrock of the foundation and the pillars that bear the weight of the establishment. Leadership in the salon environment is the ability to inspire others to make great changes in their lives. In doing so, they are then able to make even greater impacts on those they come in contact with. It is then the responsibility of the leader to take time to get to know their stylists. Not just the superficial knowing's of their lives, but uncovering the deeper desires that they have, and understanding what drives them. If you can help them understand the deeper meanings in their lives, you'll be able to help them achieve their goals. Because while a goal that is accomplished can create a great sense of success, if the goal isn't tied to something that matters in their lives, then the goal doesn't have bones to stick to. It's just a means to an end or a to-do box that's checked. The leader must prohibit themselves from assuming that everyone is driven by the same things or that everyone wants the same goal. Assume instead that everyone has goals that have yet to be uncovered or has yet to be nurtured. And it is for the leader to be the gardener to the dreams and tend to them with care, ensuring that everyone grows to their fullest potential.


          What this also means for the leader is they too must find their deep desires and drivers; a better understanding of themselves and their purpose. The salon leader has to uncover their joys of leadership and their passions of why they do what they do for whom they serve. You can only truly help others after you have first helped yourself - and self-work is the hardest and most important "work" you can do for yourself that never has an ending; we (as in human society) must continuously grow and improve. While the implications of the leader seem to be a large and possibly uncomfortable position to be in, it is also the most important. To be a great leader in the hair salon means that you are helping others to make a tremendous impact on society. Because hairstylists are making the general society feel confident and empowered with how they look. If you can inspire people to make great changes in their lives, you too are the magician that bears the powers of the universe.


           Leadership in the hair salon is more than just a title. It is more than just all of the operational components and checklists that need to be done. Leadership in the salon, at its core, is helping those who help others and serving them with your whole heart. With leadership at the forefront of the salon managers "strategy," the business of the salon has the potential to experience tremendous growth and expansion at the hands of hair artists and skin gurus. With leadership, the salon business has the opportunity to be an engaging and collaborative environment that the community enjoys coming to and telling their world about it. And in a world where there's always something to complain about, the leadership in the salon can be the one thing that people rave about.